How to use your basic home router as a security device. Most of them are not aware of using the router as a security device. There are some simple settings which can be used in the router to make your home connection more secure. When you connect to the Internet, the router acts as a […]

Is Defrag really needed for SSDs

by admin on July 24, 2014

Disk Defragmenter

Doing defrag on you system really helps to improve the speed of your system. This applies to the old systems which have hard drives. However the new SSDs (Solid State Devices) doesn’t need to be defragmented as they are more advanced when compared to the old hard drives. According to Microsoft , they say that […]

What is MTP, PTP protocols in Android ?

by admin on July 22, 2014

usb in android for file transfer

Earlier versions of Android supported USB mass storage in order to transfer files, however as the technology evolves, new things and standards pop up. Hence MTP and PTP evolved as new protocols for transferring files in latest Android OS. However you have the option of selecting either MTP or PTP in your latest Android devices. […]

How to install Custom Recovery on android

by admin on July 19, 2014

Clockworkmod recovery

Do you want to install custom ROM for Android? Custom ROM means a different version of Android operation system for e.g. CyanogenMod. While installing this custom ROM, you might be asked to install custom recovery as well. All the android operating system comes with a pre-installed recovery environment. This recovery application helps in restoring the […]

Add, Remove as well as Manage Fonts in Windows, Mac, and Linux

Do you want to change your boring fonts in your Windows, Mac or Linux, don’t worry this tutorial will help you to add, remove and mange new fonts in your operating systems When we say adding fonts, we mean installing fonts. So by installing the required fonts, you can change your operating system fonts or […]

resetting password

On every operating system you can reset the password or bypass it. After resetting the password, you can gain access to all of your unencrypted files on operating systems like Mac OSX, windows and Linux. You can reset the device and gain access to the devices even when you are unable to gain access the […]

Track, Disable, and Wipe a Lost iPhone, iPad, or Mac

  When it comes to tracking tools, Apple’s phone and tablets tracking tools are the best in the market. You can easily locate your lost devices and disable by sending a message which resets to factory defaults and also wipe data. However these features are disabled by default. So you need to make sure that […]

Dolby Atmos technology for mobile phones

One particular reason we ended up being so thrilled in regards to the movie “Star Trek Into Darkness” was the truth that it had been made using the Dolby Atmos tech. Think about enjoying the movie in your tablet or perhaps smartphone together with identical Dolby Atmos sound effects! Dolby shows a strategy to ‘fool’ […]

Best small sized android smartphones

by admin on March 15, 2014

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Nowadays the phones are getting big and some people hate big smart phones, so here is the list of best small sized android smartphones which have a display size of 4.7inches max As the technology is advancing, the size of the phones are also increasing. Now the smartphones with 5 and 5.5-inch are common with […]

nvidia GeForce GTX 800M

Nvidia introduced a new series of it’s GPU’s specially designed for gaming notebooks. The series starts with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M followed by GTX 870M, 860M, and 850M. With this series Nvidia will bring the notebook gaming to a new level, which means there is no need to be afraid of your notebook battery getting drained […]