10 Amazing Free Camera Android Apps

by admin on April 25, 2013

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free camera android apps

The invention of the camera has worked wonders for human life. Of course, the cameras of the old were clunky and unrealistic as they took about an hour to click a photograph. However, today we see amazing cameras with zoom capacities that can pick individual hair on the feelers of bugs you photograph. We use cameras to capture memories and moments in print that we would otherwise had to have depended on our minds to recollect. It has become possible to share pictures with multiple pictures at once through devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can click a picture and use any of the many applications available on major OS’s like Android to share it to the world within a flash. There are apps available to share as well as click pics better and utilize the potential of your camera to the whole on Android. Today, let us take a look at the top 10 free camera apps on Android:

1)      Camera 360 Ultimate

The Camera 360 ultimate is called the app which brings ‘art in your hands’. The app is not charged a penny and increases camera performance by increasing the speed of taking the image as well as processing time.

Download Here


2)      Camera Magic

As mentioned in the name itself, this free camera app on Android is magical and brings delight to the user. It can be used to develop artistic shapes in the photos you click as well as modify expressions to change expressions of the photographed individuals and add spice to the pictures.

 Download Here

3)      FX Camera

Not all Android come with multiple filter and option cameras. In fact, most of the Android phones that have been categorized as an economy phone do not have the required settings to add multiple filters. However, FX Camera does the job for you. With this completely free app, you can shoot pictures under any kind of light or atmosphere!

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4)      Action Snap

Action Snap is a completely free app and is used to take realistic images as well as capture those moments that other cameras are too slow to capture.

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5)      Pudding Camera

This free Android camera app gives you a lot of flexibility and shoots pictures in over 9 different qualities. This means that the size of the images are in your hand and can be customized by you. The interface is quite user-friendly and easy to navigate around.

 Download Here


6)      Multi Lens Camera

This camera captures many moments at the same time. This means that it takes back to back pictures due to which you will never miss out on those unprecedented moments so hard to capture.

Download Here


7)      Snapseed

Snapseed has won a global award for being an amazing free camera app for Android.  It has a clean, easy and intuitive user face! Due to its super period picture quality, good pics look better to him.

Download Here


8)      Pro HDR Camera

HD camera is an awesome application that brings in a DSLR like features such as picture capturing in HD, high definition images etc.

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9)      Sketch guru

Sketch guru is not exactly a camera application, with this app you can create pencil of pictures that you click.

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10)   Camera +

This app is quite popular, especially for people new to Android. The interface is clean and the usage is amazing!

Download Here

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