Everything you need to know about TomTom Runner

by admin on August 22, 2013

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TomTom Runner

TomTom runner is GPS sports watch designed for all who want to track their performance. It’s not the first smart watch built by the company. Previously it joined hands with Nike for NIKE+ Sports watch in 2011. But it is the first solo smart watch of the company.

TomTom Runner:

The TomTom runner is priced at around $169 and AU$185 .It is also available in Steroid-pumped version, which is priced at around$199 and AU$218.TomTom multisport watch has something special for cyclist and swimmers, It has an altimeter a cadence sensor. TomTom has its own GPS mapping system which escalates it to a new level of tracking and precision available in popular wrist based fitness devices like the Nikefuelband and Fitbit Flex. You can upload all the running data on the TomTom My sports website and other lot of host websites.

The TomTom runner watch is made up of two parts, one is the core watch itself, and the other is the rubber strap. To connect it to the computer you can easily remove the core watch from the rubber strap. For charging the watch also you need to remove it. You don’t need to worry about the watch getting loose as the two fit seamlessly well together. This means that you can change the strap of the watch as your choice. The watch comes in Grey and pink. The core watch module has a scratch resistance LED display, and the GPS is placed below the screen to form the four-way button. Weighing in at 50g, the runner is lighter than its rivals like Nike Sports watch (63gm).It is 11.5mm thick and has a very sleek feel which makes it ideal to wear every day.

Tomtom runner has a built in accelerometer and sensors which helps you both outdoors and on treadmill. Once you are synced you are ready to go.To see the battery status, internal storage and other storage just push the left button. With the right button you can select run or treadmill. Tomtom has a Quick fix GPS technology which helps it to map the location quickly and accurately. You can access the training partner by hitting the down button, which offers you with four different modes to challenge yourself they are zone, race, goal and laps. Goal lets you set target and will vibrate if you reach the target, while with race you can compare your current run to previous one to see your increased or reduced speed.

The battery backup of TomTom is very good. It promises and provides you with a battery backup of 10 hrs. Once you have been for a run, you can sync your data and upload it to the TomTommy sportweb tool. Where you can track all your data like average speed, distance covered and calories burned. You can also view the map of your journey along with the stats.

TomTom is purely a fitness focus gadget, you cannot expect any extra whizzes and bangs that you will find in the array of smart watches. It has avery respectable price with a very sleek and lightweight design. Which makes it a quality companion for both keen and amateur runners.


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