LG introduces a futuristic phone G2

by admin on September 14, 2013

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LG has certainly created some vibes in the hearts of the people with its ultimate smart phone in the G series named LG G2. In this particular post I will help you know more about this gadget and its quality after which you will be able to review it based on your requirements. The Smartphone world is very competitive and is ever improving. With its new G2 flagship LG looks to turn the tables this time and has focused on giving people something more than just a fast processor or a bigger screen.

To summarise the phone we came up with a conclusion that it is the physical design and layout of this device that is attracting people quickly. The phone displays three unique buttons on the back and has ignored the usual style of having buttons around the edges. The LG G2 is much enhanced compared to the optimus G and pro as it hosts a bigger 5.2 inch screen and a brighter display with the 1080p IPS screen. These are the prime factors that make this futuristic device stand apart from the world of android phones.

Specifications that best define the device are as follows:-

  1. Image stabilization has impressed a huge mass of people worldwide.
  2. An amazing battery life is what people long for and this device surely gives you that.
  3. There is something called the remote control blaster which acts as a quick remote for you.
  4.  The extra proprietary software features add up to the phone too.
  5. The phone runs an Android 4.2.2 OS thus improvising the overall experience.
  6. The new LG G2 hosts a snapdragon 800 processor powered by Qualcomm and will be the first of its kind to reach US stores.
  7. The newest addition to the G series is the 24-bit/192kHz playback and audio recording feature which is worth using.
  8. The buttons on the back and an expansive screen are also some of the notable features of the device.
  9. It even comes with a 13 mega pixel camera and an optical image stabilization feature which is expected to give out crisper images.

However with high end phones such as the galaxy note 3 and the IFA now being official these specs are not going to be enough. But apart from the above qualities there is a lot more that will tempt you to purchase the LG G2. Hardware is one such aspect that will blow up your minds. So just read along to get interesting insights on the product.

The phone is a complete flair to flaunt in public and has an attractive back. 0.1 inch thick bezels are used in the display which has made the 5.2 inch screen possible. It is said that LG has used a new technology involving the use of a new display touch sensor which uses two connectors. An impressive LG logo is found on the lower part while the upper part hosts a light sensor, a loud speaker and the 2.1 megapixel front camera. One of the standardised feature of the phone is that it has a highly enhance corning gorilla glass similar to nokia lumia’s and the recent nexus 4.

The back looks pretty glossy with the trio buttons. But easy smears were spotted on the device. So it would be wise to handle it with care. The LG g2 is solidly built but the battery and the SD card cannot be removed which is a con feature of the device. The volume buttons also make a lot of difference thus providing a grip to the users. The phone consists of LED flash both on the front and the back. The front one is used to notify a lot of things like alarms, missed calls, charging mode etc. While the rear flash is used to notify incoming calls and alarms only.


Other than the above mentioned features the device does not include any other buttons which will make it tough for you to get used to the device. The G2’s beautiful display is here to stay long as the gorilla glass does a fine job protecting it. It is a smart move by LG but many question it to be a competition to other similar devices such as the xperia Z and the galaxy note II.


In spite of such claims LG’s IPS display still impresses all with its rich and bright viewing angles. The addition of graphic RAM (GRAM) is highly useful as it cuts down on the energy conserved by the display by around 26 percent. Along with richer visuals it is also the first phone to support audio above CD levels. Another feature is that the volume buttons can also be used for zooming purposes. All this has surely roped in a lot of lauds for LG.

The G2’s HDR mode along with the high end processor makes the device capable of achieving tasks at a faster pace. Exposure locking and focus features are also included in the package. In all we can conclude that the device is a mixed bag of good features. The new camera software function makes the video experience enjoyable and the 1080p fps video capture quality is great tool to view slow motion playback of action videos. Inconsistent camera, rear buttons and redundant software supports can turn out to be some of the serious issues in the future for LG.


However LG is being consistent with its IR blaster which is good to see as it has reduced the use of remotes severely. The Multitasking experience is pretty smooth and the Qslide apps can now be seen with the slide aside which will enable you to run three apps concurrently on the side.  You can perhaps manage them with a three finger swipe. The device has a 3000 mAh battery which powers the device for a longer time.

Thus from this review it is known that this device is a great performer and is sure to get a lot more appreciation and titles in the future.

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