Qualcomm’s Ultra Sound Notepad’ will be showcased at tech at CES 2014

by admin on January 4, 2014

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Qualcomm's Ultra Sound Notepad

This forthcoming week in CES 2014, Qualcomm is actually thinking about displaying its Snapdragon 805 processor capabilities along with numerous innovative features, among that is an Ultra Sound Notepad. Making use of the snapdragon 805 processor’s capabilities associated with this tablet (a programmer’s test tablet, for the time period), ultrasonic sounds produced by an electronic pen are often grabbed as well as transferred to reproduction of sketches carried out on a sheet of paper instantly into the application. Maybe you have to find out this to educate yourself exactly what actually is.

Although earlier options depended around the pen’s capability to capture, subsequently transfer to the application later, this method transfers information in real-time. No more waiting time is required for your sketches to get processed through the pen in order to obtain it. Right here you can actually create a sketching – or perhaps number of notes – over a piece of paper and still have all of them instantaneously show up in the tablet around.

This will likely make an incredibly fascinating group of use-cases offered to artists sometime soon. Currently the actual remedy for developing genuine paper as well as pen art noticeable on the pc was to scan the completed sketch soon after it was created, this specific alternative would really help by saving precious time.

One excellent benefits of this specific technology is going to be for comic designers who normally depended upon several steps in order to move their works via paper on to the internet. Several artists continue to depend on the sensations as well as superiority provided simply by dealing with real ink delivering on a piece of paper instead of going in to some totally new environment using digital stylus to screen things such as Samsung’s S Pen concept (just as noticed in the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 lately) or even NVIDIA’s latest Tegra Note Stylus concept which is the EVGA Tegra Note7.


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